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      Why Donate?

  1. RRF Luton Church is situated at the heart of Luton and is a church for all nations

  2. Our focus is the community and this means people

  3. Our vision is to be a church for all nation

To make this happen we minister to the poor in our community through special love thy neighbour events where food and clothing are given to the community.

The church also runs:

  1. A Street Angels project which aims to make our streets safe for children and young people.

  2. Parenting and family support workshops that are free of charge

We depend on donations and support from our members, friends and partners to continue providing these programmes.

RRF members frequently travel to Africa, India and the Caribbean, where we work in some of the poorest and most disadvantaged communities in the world.  We are currently building an orphanage in Kenya and has plans to build others in other areas of Africa as well as developing poverty relief programmes.

To read more about some of the work going on in Africa and elsewhere visit Save Our Children International at www.socinternational.org.uk


You can make a donation in 3 easy ways:

          1. Send a cheque or postal order to:

Restoration Revival Fellowship
Fellowship House
90 Dunstable Road

          2. Credit/Debit Card

          3. Pay Pal account

Using the donation button below

If you experience any problems with making a donation using Pay Pal please do not hesitate to contact us at info@rrfluton.org.uk, or alternatively you can contact Pay Pal direct.